How to Apply

Applying is simple.

If you are applying for meal delivery for someone else make sure you talk this over with them and they agree to accept meals before you phone in the application.

For your convenience you may:

View or download our application;

Call the office (301-384-7440) between the hours of 9:30AM and 1:00PM and give the information to the volunteer or arrange with the volunteer to fax it in;

Use our Online Application.

After the information is received the In-Take Chairperson will call the applicant to discuss the arrangements and help them fill out a Montgomery County survey form. If subsidy is needed the applicant will receive a call from our Client Evaluation Chairperson who will discuss the subsidy program. Then the application is sent to the routing person, who will assign the client to a route.

Because the process involves several persons, we cannot guarantee a specific date when the meal delivery will start. The routing person will make that determination and the In-Take Chairperson will advise the client of the first delivery date.

There are times when our routes are completely full. The applicant will be advised of this and the name will be put on a wait list for the next opening.