Most volunteers are involved in delivering the meals. Each delivery team is composed of a driver, who usually remains with the car, and a visitor, who takes the meals to the client’s door-or inside if the client is unable to carry the food boxes.

Drivers and deliverers meet at the Meals on Wheels office in the Colesville Baptist Church 13100 Andrew Drive Silver Spring, MD off New Hampshire Avenue at 11:00AM. It takes about 2 hours per day for deliveries. Drivers and deliverers can work weekly (or more often) or every other week, monthly, or be on a substitute list.

The volunteers pick up empty containers and proceed to the pick-up point to exchange empty containers for full ones.

Drivers are responsible for having a full tank of gas and familiarizing themselves with the route. There are detailed street-by-street directions to follow on each route.

Deliverers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the route and to help the driver navigate.

Some clients will need help in getting the meal to the table and in removing the food packaging.

From time to time you will have other items to deliver or pick up from the clients