Meal Cancellation Policy

Post date: Aug 17, 2011 12:52:21 AM

April 18, 2011

To Our Clients --

As you know, we cannot cancel meals for just one day. However, for two or more consecutive days, we can cancel meals. We do have a procedure which we must use and it is as follows --

Should you need to cancel meals for two or more consecutive days, you must do so before 9:30AM on the first day of cancellation.

To resume meal service, YOU MUST CALL THE OFFICE NO LATER THAN 9:30AM ON THE DAY YOU WANT SERVICE TO RESUME. We will not resume service unless we have received a call from you.

We have an answering machine which is monitored 24hours a day for you to leave us a message.

Hopefully this procedure will not cause you any problems. Thank you for working with us.

Colesville Meals on Wheels, Inc.