Colesville Meals on Wheels

13100 Andrew Drive

Silver Spring, MD 20904


Information About Colesville Meals on Wheels

How are we organized? We began in 1976 as “C-4 Meals on Wheels”, when members of local religious congregations got together to start meal delivery. The organization, however, is secular, serving all who are in need. Colesville Meals on Wheels, Inc. is a nonprofit (501c3) Maryland corporation composed completely of volunteers. We have an Executive Board which guides decision-making. Board members, including our officers, are elected once a year in May by the volunteers attending the annual meeting. We have about 150 volunteers working with the organization, some weekly, some monthly, and others on a substitute basis. Each day, Monday through Friday, has a “Coordinator of the Day” (COD) who is the “face” of Colesville Meals on Wheels in the office and on the phone, and is also responsible for putting together the 14 volunteers needed to staff the 7 delivery routes.

Isn’t Colesville Meals on Wheels a branch of a national program or a county agency? No. There is a national federation of home feeding programs that any meals on wheels group can join, if it wishes. There is an informal connection among the meals on wheels groups in the Washington area most of which are independent programs. Representatives from the various programs in Montgomery County get together upon occasion to exchange information and discuss common problems, available resources, etc.

What area do we serve? We deliver meals in the area bounded on the South by the Beltway, on the West by Sligo Creek (except for Inwood House, which we serve) and Northwest Branch Park, on the North by Norwood Road (east) and Briggs Chaney Road, and on the East by the Montgomery County line. Upon occasion we will consider clients slightly out of our boundary area if we feel it is appropriate. We also work with other Meals on Wheels programs to assure coverage.

Who is eligible to receive Colesville Meals on Wheels? Although all Meals on Wheels programs are designed for the homebound, no two programs are necessarily alike. Colesville Meals on Wheels accepts anyone who is unable to shop (is homebound) and/or cannot cook healthful meals for himself/herself because of some disability (temporary or permanent) or the limitations of advancing age. Income level is not a factor. The overwhelming majority of our clients are the frail elderly, but we do have younger persons with chronic health problems as clients.

What does it cost and how do I pay? We contract with Holy Cross Hospital to prepare the meals. At the beginning of each month, clients receive a statement covering the cost of meals for that month. The statement is sent with a meal delivery. The current cost for two meals is $6.00 per day. Payment is due upon receipt of the statement and can be sent via the delivery volunteer. Checks should be made payable to Colesville Meals on Wheels.

Is Financial Aid Available? Financial assistance is available for clients who are unable to afford the full cost of the meals. Please notify Colesville Meals on Wheels at the time of application if financial aid is needed. A financial evaluation will be made to determine eligibility for aid. Subsidies are available thanks to government programs and generous donations from the community.

How many persons do you serve? We have seven routes with food containers which can carry up to eleven meals each for an ability of serving a total of 77 clients. In order to keep the program manageable, we require that a client order meals for a full week at a time unless someone is going into-or coming home from-the hospital or away.

What are the meals like? We deliver a cold lunch meal and a frozen dinner meal, Monday through Friday. There is a five week cycle of 25 different menus. The food content is determined by the hospital dietitian in consultation with the Montgomery County nutritionist. The diet is low in fat, salt, and sugar and can be easily adapted for a diabetic diet.

How do the clients apply? Almost all applications come from either a client needing service or a family member. Sometimes a hospital discharge planner, a neighbor, or a client’s county case worker contacts us. An application can be made out right over the phone during business hours of 9:30 AM to 1:00PM Monday through Friday at 301 384-7440. It helps to have pertinent information such as birthdate, emergency phone numbers, etc. You may view or download our application for your convenience and fax or mail to the office. You also may use our Online Application Form. After the application is made, it goes to the Intake Chairperson. They then call the client and help them make out a required, county survey. Then, after consultation with the routing person, the Intake Chair. will call the client or the responsible party to inform them of a start date.

If you have any questions, would like to volunteer for Colesville Meals on Wheels, or would like to apply for service please call 301-384-7440 or use our contact form.